About Me

I started fencing at the age of 12 under the expertise of Professor Bert Bracewell. I started with foil but soon took to fencing both foil and epee at tournaments. My first tournament win was the Scottish One Hit Epee in 1990. My best result to date is winning the Scottish Championships at epee in 2000. I still compete regularly both at home and abroad.

Bert always encouraged his fencers to take up coaching. To me it seemed a good way to help pay for my sporting habit which at the age of 16 was already taking over my life. I continually train as a coach through the B.A.F. and also learn where possible by pinching ideas and techniques from other coaches. I am a Maitre d’escrime at foil. which is the highest qualification achievable at one weapon and am now working towards becoming a full fencing master with the same qualifications in epee and sabre. I consider my coaching style to be mostly classical but having trained under both classical and modern fencing masters, I adapt my lessons to the style most appropriate to each student.

In 1993 I attended my first stage fighting course. Several courses later, and with private tuition from Bert, I now do as much work stage fighting as I do coaching fencing. I am the tutor and fight director at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow and at James Watt College in Greenock. I also work on independent productions for theatre and film.